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Caution: Spoilers ahead about Oppenheimer.

What do we make of the scrapping of a proposed biopic on the 18th-century legend Tipu Sultan? At a facile level, it means one less WhatsApp history movie to endure. After all, according to the original press release issued by the film’s producer, Sandeep Singh, before his recent mea culpa, the film would have parroted the claims of Hindutva supporters that the Mysore ruler was no anti-colonial hero but a tyrannical bigot.

A press release in May from Singh’s publicity team declared: “History textbooks are replete with Tipu’s achievements – his skills bringing about administrative changes in his region and introducing innovative techniques in weaponry to combat enemies on the battlefield. But few know the dark – jihadi – side of Tipu, the fanatic Sultan.”

Singh has since apologised for having “unintentionally hurt anyone’s religious sentiments”. There is a movie to be made on the backstory behind the shelving, but that’s unlikely.

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